Polytoxicomane Philharmonie

POLYTOXICOMANE PHILHARMONIE were founded in the late eighties but havn’t been stable for a long time because the line-up always changed. Now at the beginning of the new millenium the band must have found its final constitution for a longer time.

They have a mysterious eccentric aura and the members are only known by aliases. ‚Howling Mad Fishli‘, ‚Commander I.M. Crab‘ and ‚Wum‘ are responsible for vocals and guitar. We also have ‚Matelaut Au Vin‘ (wind instruments), ‚The Emir Of Quaver‘ (drums) and ‚Onkel‘ (bass, keys).

Informations are really rare about POLYTOXICOMANE PHILHARMONIE. They are coming from the Frankfurt region in Germany and have released three albums and one 7“ named ‚Pot Rats‘, a homage to Frank Zappa with two songs recorded at the german Zappanale in 2007. And this points out one of the main influences of the band which is also to realize with their other albums.

‚Psycho Erectus‘ was released in 2003 and for a debut this one is very matured. It unites several styles like psychedelic or jazz rock with spaced-out soundscapes, funky rhythms and Zappa reminiscences. The follower ‚Drosophilia Road‘ from 2007 is basically in the same vein contributed with the crazy story of a fly named Ned Busckii which wakes up one morning and decides to have some changes in his life! Both albums are provided with manuals on their website which are full of metaphors and somewhat confusing instead of answering your questions.

In order to enter new spaceships Commander I.M. Crab left the crew some time later. Reduced to a quintet now, they released a new double LP at the end of 2009 called ‚Go Ape‘. POLYTOXICOMANE PHILHARMONIE’s unique musical style and enigmatic corporate identity is definitely worth it to be checked out.



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