Toundra is a band from madrid (spain) emerged, as phoenix, from disappeared ones Born from the Ashes, who left a great (good) taste in mouth among national hardcore followers, despite the brief of his career.

In this case, the new creature has decided to dispense vocals and provides us with an entirely instrumental sound where guitars, bass and drums take on the entire role.

After some demo from before, the quartet is introduced with his first selftitled album, recorded in Sandman Studios with Carlos Santos (ex-Terroristars) production at Studio Tailor Maid in Sweden by the prestigious Peter in The Betou [ Arch Enemy, Opeth etc ].

Through the excellent work of both, the band has managed to translate into plastic the suitable environment for the structures development and the intensity of highs and lows* that characterized the band.

At times it may recall to bands like Isis, Neurosis or Pelican as the scots Mogwai or even to the more progressive and less metal Tool.

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